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Hand and Foot prints

We have almost 20 years experience of getting the best prints from your kiddiwinks.

Clay Imprints

We use the best clay, softened to exactly the right degree and our expertise in getting the perfect print.
The clay is dried slowly to avoid cracking.
Its then fired and decorated  and then glazed and fired to produce the finished product.
The whole process takes about a month.


Stone Plaster raised prints

Start by making clay prints. From those prints we make a mould and pour plaster to give a raised print.
Its tricky removing the prints from the mould. 
They are allowed to dry for about 2 weeks and then sealed and skillfully painted for the best effect.


Painted prints onto Ceramic

We have an enormous selection of ceramics to choose.
These make wonderful gifts for friends and family ( or you ).
Hands or feet sponged with underglaze (non toxic ) and applied to ceramic.
We then decorate and write message, from your instructions and then glaze and fire for the finished product.
This generally takes about a week but fast tracking is available.

lewis and cameron plate.jpg

How it works

Its always a good idea to book and let us know you are coming to do prints.
You can book any time during our normal opening hours.
We can also come to you ( and often do ).
This is an excellent fundraising opportunity to book us to come to your toddler group, playgroup or Nursery with our big range to do hand and footprints.
There is very little upset to your normal routine. 
You supply the hands and we do the rest, returning the finished products the following week.
How much does this cost........NOTHING.
In fact we pay a commission on sales back to the group.
What an excellent way to fundraise.

second draft handprints to fit.jpg
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